NORWOOD, MAssachusetts

The Castle Island Taproom stands as a tribute to the spirit of West Coast breweries. Drawing inspiration from Castle Island’s Left Coast peers, our design seamlessly integrates the production floor with the taproom, immersing visitors in the brewing process.

At the Castle Island Taproom, the brewhouse becomes a captivating backdrop, allowing guests to experience the magic of beer production up close. The air is filled with the scents of hops, grains, and fermentation, creating an immersive and sensory-rich environment.

With meticulous planning, the taproom and production floor coexist, fostering a sense of connection between the brewing process and the enjoyment of the final product. Guests can witness the craftsmanship firsthand, as they savor their favorite Castle Island brews in an atmosphere that celebrates both the brewing heritage and the joy of sharing exceptional beers.

"We loved how Red Barn was able to listen to our vision, the inspiration for it, and the community-building goals we set for it, then take all that information and turn it into a physical reality."

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