We believe in happy.

Happy clients start with a clear design process. The results are designs that reflect our clients’ values and will positively impact their day-to-day life. We’re not here to exercise our egos; we’re here to understand each household’s unique needs and lifestyle. That translates into thoughtful spaces that elevate life through improved functionality, more enjoyment, and beautiful details.


Ryan and Caitlin McShera
Principals + Founders

We met at an architecture firm and spent the next seven years renovating an antique house (and red barn). In 2016, we founded Red Barn to offer our distinct blend of services. Using our respective skills, we deliver a highly personal and customized Client Experience.

Ryan is a registered architect and has 20 years of professional practice. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and also holds a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License. Ryan’s path to architecture began early. His father was a home builder and Ryan followed his footsteps. At an early age, Ryan developed an advanced technical understanding of building components and construction means and methods. After five years in the construction field, he entered Boston Architectural College. Ryan has 15 years’ experience practicing on the North Shore. In this time, Ryan has developed a network of trusted contractors, suppliers, and other vendors as well as a deep understanding of town-specific regulations and processes.

Caitlin oversees Client Experience, Interior Design and Business Operations at Red Barn. She is a seasoned project manager. Caitlin grew up in a historic house under constant renovation, and spent her formative years at antique shops, country auctions, and the bookstore her parents owned and operated. Caitlin studied architecture, decorative arts, and interiors in college. Prior to joining Red Barn, Caitlin worked in the nonprofit sector for 15 years building relationships and managing complex projects and budgets.

Ryan and Caitlin have personally navigated the complete redevelopment of a property and are past and present stewards of historic houses. They understand both the excitement and stress of a construction project and work together to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for their Clients. This is rooted in relationship building, communication and technical know-how.


It began with a neglected barn. It had had many lives by the time it came under our care, ranging from a 19th century hand tub house to a cabinetmaker’s shop. We saw a Studio, a Business and a Philosophy.


That red barn served as our first home. To accommodate Red Barn’s growing team, we have moved into a larger space while making plans for our “forever barn.” Stop by our offices to get a sense of our design aesthetic and meet the team. Meetings are held at our studio in historic Essex, or at a location that’s most convenient for our Clients. We consider it a privilege to be invited into our Clients’ lives and homes. While our work environment is informal, we take our practice very seriously. We believe in collaborating locally, creating beautiful spaces, and providing superior customer service.
Our original red barn studio in Ipswich
Our Architecture Business


Our clients range from individuals looking to improve the ways their homes function to commercial developers and small business owners. Red Barn offers architectural and interior design services, complete builder’s packages and construction administration. Our thorough understanding of the technical aspects of construction saves clients time and money. Our depth of experience arms us with the tools to meet and exceed client expectations while finding creative solutions to the unique challenges that come with every project.


We take inspiration from our namesake. Barns are a perfect balance of form and function, and we hold our designs to this same standard. The act of raising a barn is wholly dependent on teamwork and trust. These are qualities Red Barn fosters within our team and qualities that we look for in our partners. Barns are often repurposed over time to accommodate changing needs. Likewise, we incorporate design for modern living into existing buildings or traditional forms.
Timber Frame Construction