The spaces we live and work in impact our happiness, quality of life and health. Red Barn embraces design and construction that is forward-thinking and environmentally responsible. We believe all successful sustainable projects are dependent on the following considerations:


Solar orientation, daylight harvesting techniques, and solar shading techniques are all important factors when attempting to limit the amount of energy needed to operate a home.


R-value, thermal bridging, fenestration requirements, and air sealing techniques are paramount to controlling the transfer of heat and management of vapor through the wall assembly.


The integration of a deep understanding of the land, climate, and material culture of project location lends itself to an informed and local approach to design that is inherently sustainable.


Systems selection and implementation, including the coordination of those systems, requires careful cost benefit analysis to ensure the technologies employed are meeting your goals. Progress analysis and end of job commissioning should confirm original goals have been met and subcontractor installations are in accordance with the required standard.


Green Design should not compromise building aesthetics. All elements above should be blended seamlessly into a quality, energy efficient design that reflects the owner’s values as well as personal aesthetics.

Green Projects

On the Rocks

Annisquam Retreat

This custom new build is situated to take advantage of a unique hillside site with significant granite ledge deposits. Substantial sitework was necessary to prepare for a foundation, as well as for a geothermal system. >

Lowland Farms

Contemporary Green Builds

In collaboration with Brown Dog Properties, we designed two contemporary green builds now under construction. >

Suburban Standout

A Pretty Good House

An overarching goal was to achieve the lowest possible energy usage day to day. These homes reached very near Passive House standards for air exchange and followed The Pretty Good House standards. >