We believe in being good neighbors.

To us that means smiling and saying hello; fostering local partnerships; playing an active role in the community; and supporting causes that have a measurable, local impact. Caitlin and Ryan have called Boston’s North Shore home for nearly 15 years. Together, with Team Red Barn, they have volunteered for, and supported, a variety of locally-focused organizations and causes. 

We are proud to have provided pro bono architectural services to the following organizations:

Three Sisters Garden Project, Ipswich

Three Sisters Garden Project is a community farm working to make local food accessible to all. They practice and promote sustainable agriculture, stewarding the earth and our community. Three Sisters grows and provides fresh produce through sliding-scale Community Supported Agriculture shares and through a unique collaborative of food access partners, reaching people in 17 cities and towns across the North Shore. Finally, the organization connects to the community by welcoming volunteers and educating the next generation of farmers, land stewards and food system advocates.

Red Barn provided two phases of architectural services for the Three Sisters’ CSA barn. This was the first permanent structure for Three Sisters and provides workspace for farm staff and supports a more user-friendly CSA experience.

Citizens Inn, Peabody

Citizens Inn works on an individual basis to help families and individuals who are experiencing a housing crisis or food insecurity. Their full spectrum of services provides comprehensive assistance to each person based on their specific needs. Citizens Inn, now merged with Haven from Hunger, has served families and individuals across the North Shore for over 38 years. Their programs – Citizens Inn Between, Citizens Inn Transition, Citizens Inn Homes, and Citizens Inn Haven from Hunger – are designed to help families and individuals prepare for and transition to a sustainable life. Through their work, Citizens Inn not only provides a safe place to stay and a meal on the table, but offers tools to empower families and individuals to find permanent solutions to break the patterns of instability in their lives.

Together with MRG Construction Management, Red Barn provided two phases of architectural services for Haven from Hunger, Citizens Inn’s core hunger-relief program. These improvements included installation of a commercial-grade kitchen, a new dining hall and a food pantry. These improved spaces all support the work of the Community Meals Program, which offers no-cost dinners four days a week and serves over 16,000 meals annually. This expansion also included needed office space and the Resource Center, an emerging space that offers community referral resources,community-building, and conversation.

Northeast Arc, Peabody

Northeast Arc was founded in 1954 by parents of children with developmental disabilities who wanted to raise their sons and daughters as full members of the community. By having the courage to challenge professionals who told them their children could not be educated and would not live to become adults, these parents created the systems that enabled them to attend public schools, develop friendships, reside in the neighborhoods of their choice and to earn a paycheck.

Together with MRG Construction Management, Red Barn provided architectural services for the Black Box Theater at the Arcworks Community Art Center. The addition of performing arts to the Art Center’s visual arts offerings provides educational and recreational opportunities for 7,500 youth annually. This flexible space, with a capacity of 238, provides state-of-the-art theater space that can also be used for a variety of events. Revenue from space rental supports the long-term sustainability of the Arcworks Community Art Center.

Requests for Support

Locally-focused, registered nonprofits are encouraged to reach out with specific donation, sponsorship or design service requests. Please include 501c3 documentation in your initial outreach. We look forward to hearing from you!