PEABODY, MAssachusetts

Collaborating with MRG Construction Management, Red Barn Architecture had the privilege of providing architectural services for the Black Box Theater at the Arcworks Community Art Center. This significant addition to the center’s visual arts offerings introduces the transformative power of performing arts, providing invaluable educational and recreational opportunities for approximately 7,500 youth annually.

The Black Box Theater is a flexible space designed to accommodate various events, with a seating capacity of 238 individuals. Equipped with state-of-the-art theater facilities, this dynamic space enables captivating performances while also offering versatility for other gatherings. By renting out this space, the Arcworks Community Art Center generates revenue that contributes to its long-term sustainability, ensuring its ability to continue enriching the lives of individuals in the community.

Through the collaboration between Northeast Arc, MRG Construction Management, and Red Barn Architecture, the Arcworks Community Art Center has been transformed into a hub of creativity and inclusion. By embracing the performing arts and providing a platform for artistic expression, the center not only celebrates the abilities of individuals with developmental disabilities but also serves as a catalyst for community engagement and cultural growth.

Northeast Arc traces its roots back to 1954 when a group of determined parents, driven by the desire to fully integrate their children with developmental disabilities into the community, founded the organization. In the face of professionals who doubted their children’s ability to be educated or lead fulfilling lives, these visionary parents defied the odds. Their relentless advocacy led to the establishment of systems that enabled their children to attend public schools, form meaningful friendships, reside in the neighborhoods of their choice, and even earn a living.

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