PEABODY, MAssachusetts

Collaborating with MRG Construction Management, Red Barn helped to enhance Citizens Inn’s Haven from Hunger’s facilities. Red Barn’s architectural services spanned two phases and included installing a new commercial-grade kitchen, a new dining hall, and a food pantry. These upgraded spaces significantly support the efforts of the Community Meals Program, which offers no-cost dinners four days a week and serves an impressive number of over 16,000 meals annually. The expansion project also encompassed the addition of necessary office space and the creation of the Resource Center, an emerging area that provides community referral resources and fosters community-building through conversation.

Currently, Red Barn is collaborating with Citizens Inn on “Citizens Inn Between,” a redevelopment project that will provide emergency, temporary housing for individuals and families in need.

Citizens Inn is dedicated to assisting families and individuals facing housing crises or food insecurity. Their personalized approach ensures that each person receives comprehensive support tailored to their specific circumstances. With over 38 years of service on the North Shore, Citizens Inn has positively impacted countless families and individuals. Their range of programs, including Citizens Inn Between, Citizens Inn Transition, Citizens Inn Homes, and Citizens Inn Haven from Hunger, aims to equip individuals with the necessary tools for a sustainable life and help them transition successfully. In addition to providing shelter and meals, Citizens Inn empowers families and individuals to break the cycle of instability by offering them the resources they need to find permanent solutions.

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