LEOMINSTER, MAssachusetts

The Emerson and Sophia Prescott House, originally constructed around 1840, held a significant historical role as worker housing for mill workers in downtown Leominster. This red brick building is in a Greek Revival architectural style and has been owned by various local industrialists, including the W.S. Reed Toy Company, throughout its lifespan. Recently, it primarily functioned as a boarding house with single-room occupancy affordable rental units but suffered from extensive neglect and insensitive modifications over several decades.

In collaboration with Cougar Capital and Epsilon Associates, we embarked on a restoration project to revive the building’s historic appearance. Historically accurate sash, based on archival photographs, replaces vinyl windows. Deteriorating masonry is repaired and repurposed while the attached garage is converted for residential use, minimizing exterior alterations.

New building systems are sensitively integrated while preserving and retaining the historic window and door trim, doors, and the main staircase. Communal kitchen and bathroom facilities are replaced with private kitchens and bathrooms within the newly created units.

The successful rehabilitation of this building halted its ongoing deterioration, ensuring its preservation for future generations. The project was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2021 as a testament to its historical significance.

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